Channel Partner Marketing: An essential component for successful partnerships.

Channel Partner Marketing: An essential component for successful partnerships.

A partnership like the name says should be a win-win relationship. But are you sure that you
communicate correctly and efficiently with your partners for this to happen?

The first and main step for a successful partnership is great communication. It’s all about
what, how and why your product works. Also, one other really important thing is for you to
stop to concern about how your partners can drive you more revenue and start to worry
about how you can help them to grow. This two points are the reasons and the base for you
to build a lead generation marketing scheme for your channel partners.

If you want a sustainable partnership you have to think that a channel partner is not just
your seller, they are a promoter of your brand, an investor in you, and you need to worry
about their business and growth. If they don’t have success, you don’t have as well.
In the following, we explain more the reasons why you should consider a lead generation
funnel for your channel partners.


Align your culture, vision and strategy

It’s crucial that your partners understand your values, mission, goals and vision. This is going
to guide their communication and their customer service, but also helps them to know how
to explain the advantages about your product in contrast with your competitors. Also, even
selling techniques, like your salesforce uses and that works for your brand and service, in
order to be more consistent with end customers.
More than this, when the goals and results are shared, your channel partners feel more part
of this and more responsible.


They expect you will help them with the demand

Partner success depends on you as well. They don’t create extra demand suddenly. You
must keep performing your marketing efforts, care about the demand, and share what
you’re doing with them. Like “investors”, they expect the return, and help with the demand
is one of these returns that you can help them.


Share the best practices for they grow with you

Your partners have their own priorities, and of course they are not the same like yours. If
you do a “little push” to make easier the learning process, share the practices that work and
the others that didn’t work, you can optimize their time and facilitate the way for success!


Eliminate conflicts

If you make it clear that you care about the success of your partners, they can feel more
comfortable to trust you, and the relationship with them will be better. Your communication

goal must be to achieve that: empowering them, and make them feel that you care about
their growth, and not to steal their customers.


Scalable communication

Imagine how much your time will be optimized if you communicate just one time with all
your partners. And plus, share the same information with all of them. That’s why marketing
for channel partners is a good deal. Real time collaboration with channel partners can also
increase their productivity up to 15%.

All these points we mentioned until now, can leverage your partnerships through only one
path of communication. Marketing for channel partners provides you the best way to align
and centralize all your needs to communicate with your partners. Closer communication
means a better relationship. Better relationship means a stronger base with more focused
efforts and efficiency to achieve the best results!


The Elioplus team

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