Deal registration | Partner management software

Deal registration | Partner management software

Secure your channel partners’ sales though deal registration and avoid conflict between them in order to win the same lead

Deal registration

This feature is really important to secure your channel partners sales and avoid any conflict between your channel partners. Your channel partners won’t worry anymore about losing a potential client that is interested to buy your solution. The only worry of them will be how to win the deal.

On our example we suppose that Dogma IT security is one of your resellers and they are trying to close a potential client that is interested in buying your software. Through the Deal Registration feature, Dogma IT security (your reseller) is sending you a request to secure this deal for a certain period and no any other reseller of yours will be able to approach this client.
As a Vendor, you receive this request and you approve or reject this request or you can change the time of period this deal will be secured.

Let’s look at it step by step:
The reseller is selecting the vendor that is assigned on their account and would like to forward the deal registration request as you can see on the image below:

deal registration and elioplus partner management software

After that, the reseller is adding a New Deal where they fill the information of the client, which product of the vendor the client is interested in buying and more information. The Vendor is the one that determines the Duration that every deal will be secured. In our example the Month Duration has been set in 3 months and the reseller is able to see it when it creates a new deal.

deal registration and elioplus partner management solution

As a Vendor when your channel partners send you deal registration requests, you receive a notification and when you login into your “Deal Registration” tab then you can see these requests.

elioplus partner management - deal registration featureYou press View and then you see the deal. You Approve or Reject the deal.

Deal registration on a partner management solution

In this case we Approve the deal so the Vendor can see it now on the Open Deals option and the Deal Result column is marked as Pending.

Deal registration - Approve deal on partner management software

Now the reseller knows that the deal is approved and tries to win the client. Then the reseller marks the deal as Won or Lost. Let’s suppose that they won the deal with their client.

Deal registration and PRM

The reseller sees the deal now in the Past Deals tab as won

PRM - Deal registration

Also, Vendor receives a notification and the won deal of its reseller was automatically transferred from Open Deals to Past Deals as Won.

Deal registration for PRM software

You can track the resellers that have won more deals, those that are more effective, the revenue they gain etc.


Deal registration and more PRM features here:

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