Collaborate with your channel partners and increase channel sales

Collaborate with your channel partners and increase channel sales

The key to succeed in the IT channel industry is to keep your partners active and make them more productive. But the big ask is how can I achieve this really important goal? The answer to this question is that there is a combination of tools that can be found in PRM softwares that can be very effective in order to have a satisfied network of channel partners. One very important feature that few PRM softwares have included is the collaboration feature.

Read why Channel Partner Collaboration is a must to grow your channel sales here:

On Elioplus we have built a complete Collaboration tool that gives you the opportunity to communicate real time with your partners, provide them sales and marketing material, product updates and more. Track who has seen your messages and who has downloaded your material.

First step: Invite your channel partners with ease to join your PRM account. See who has accepted your invitation and who has not here:

Second step: After that simple step, you can communicate with those channel partners that have already accepted your invitation:

channel partner management and collaboration

Create groups and send different material to channel partners that meet the criteria of your choice. For example, provide different material to European channel partners than those in North America.

collaboration group

You can always resend invitations to your channel partners that haven’t accepted yet to join your PRM account though your Partner Directory tab.

partner directory


All the material that you exchange with your channel partners can be found into the library file on your PRM account. Elioplus is the only PRM solution that gives you the ability to manage up to 20 channel partners for free by enjoying a 2GB library storage.

PRM Library strorage

We are always available for any questions you may have. Fell free to schedule a demo here:

The Elioplus Team

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