We have the answers to common questions that SaaS vendors and SaaS resellers ask

We have the answers to common questions that SaaS vendors and SaaS resellers ask

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What is a white label Sofware?

You can resell this software using your own brand, logo and pricing etc. You first have an agreement with the company that owns this software in order to resell it as it was yours. Usually you pay a monthly or annual fee to the company that provides you the software in order to give you the white label rights.

Why do SaaS startups grow exponentially?

Software as a premise is giving its place to what we call Software-as-Service because it’s more easy to have access on the cloud and it’s less expensive.

I have a SaaS company. What do I need to prepare first in order to be ready to reach out to channel partners?

You need to create a solid partner program that informs your potential channel partners about the terms, conditions and offerings. Take a look at how to build an effective partner program here 

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What have been the best distribution channels for your SaaS?

The best option for you is to find resellers for your SaaS service. 75% of the revenues of a SaaS or software company come from their resellers. So, I will recommend creating a profile as a Vendor for your company on Elioplus.com and then according to your partnership preferences that you have filled during your registration process you will get matched with resellers that exact fit your needs.

How do software resellers make profit?

Usually software resellers take a percentage around 30% from every sale that they make. It depends from the vendor they collaborate with. Every partnership is different and the compeitition out there really strong. That’s why 1/4 resellers is changing their vendor annually.

When should SaaS companies use resellers or channel partnerships to drive sales? How should our target segment and average revenue pool impact this decision?

If your SaaS company offers a good margin of profit then many SMBs would consider to resell your solution. Another point is that if a company has already a big customer base and earns only $300 per year /customer, this means that can earn a lot.
Also consider this: Many companies are looking to offer complementary services in order to keep and increase their customer base. So, a lot of times they don’t look for big earnings when they are reselling a SaaS service.

How much commission should we give to a SaaS reseller?

We have seen from 10% to 50% but an average is between 25% to 30%. It depends from the type of SaaS, how difficult is to be sold and how expensive it is as well.

collaboration between channel partnersAre there any B2B SaaS software companies that have grown sales mostly through channel partners and without using a sales force/sales people?

Xero accounting software and Atlassian are two great examples of companies that increase revenue through partnerships in the most effective way.

How can I make my partners to sell more?

This is a common question that every vendors wants to know the answer. The fact is that collaborating with your channel partners is a great way to increase sales. Find out how to increase your channel sales from your existing partners here.

Should I hire an agency for bringing me qualified partnership opportunities?

Absolutely yes. If you are working for a software, SaaS or cloud company looking for channel partners then Elioplus.com has added an account manager service in which the dedicated account manager assigned into your account is approaching channel partners that fit your needs. The account manager, who is experienced in the market, is getting in touch with all the matches that you receive through Elioplus according to the Premium plan that you have chosen before. He or She is following up 4-5 times and provides you qualified opportunities for demos, calls, more information requests about your partner program and reseller agreements. This service works great with conversion rate close to 20%.

I want to start reselling SaaS products. How?

You can create for free a profile of your company as a reseller on Elioplus.
During your free registration process you will be able to submit some criteria like type of SaaS looking to resell, what would you like to see offered from your potential vendor like support, training, marketing material, MDFs, localization of the SaaS in your own language and more. Then Elioplus will match you with Vendors asking for resellers like your company.
Sign up and create for free a profile of your company on Elioplus here: https://elioplus.com


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