Elioplus collaborates with Mashape

Elioplus collaborates with Mashape

Elioplus’ Vendor users can get 50% discount on Mashape’s premium plans


elioplus collaboration with mashapeFew words about Elioplus:

Elioplus is a marketplace of IT Partnership that helps Software and SaaS companies grow locally and globally by connecting them with resellers and API developers. Elioplus distributes your partner program to the appropriate resellers and API developers of it’s database based on over 15 criteria. These criteria are provided by the companies who are looking for new partners when they submit on the platform their company details and partnership preferences.

Find more information and learn how you can use Elioplus for your company’s benefit: http://elioplus.com


mashape and elioplus collaborationFew words about Mashape:

Mashape is the largest, most trafficked API hub in the world. Mashape is a revenue generating startup powering thousands of APIs (both private and public) and Applications, it’s used in almost 100 countries by thousands of developers and adopted in every major industry including finance, healthcare, military, agriculture, insurance, government, media, e-commerce, retail, aviation, manufacturing and telecom.

Learn more: https://mashape.com


Are you an API Provider? Get 50% discount now

If you are a Vendor (Software, SaaS) and you provide API details-data for your product then you can find a great opportunity here.

First step:

Submit free your company details on Elioplus and complete your partnership preferences. Sign up here: http://elioplus.com/free-sign-up

mashape discount for elioplus vendors

Second step:

At the submission process under the API Category tab you can fill your Mashape username. If you don’t have one don’t worry…

  1. Follow the link of the word here at the end of the phrase (Don’t have Mashape account? Create a free account. Mention Elio to get 50% discount on your premium plans here) and
  2. Then mention Elio on Mashape to provide you with 50% discount for their advanced features!


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Elioplus Collaborates With Mashape


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