The most effective process to increase your channel partners network – Elioplus

The most effective process to increase your channel partners network – Elioplus


Enter Elioplus:

Create for free a profile of your company

company profile

  • Free registration
  • Company information
  • Partner program details
  • Ratings and reviews included
  • Exclusively for software, SaaS & cloud companies


Choose your partnership criteria

During your free registration you will be able to select the partnership criteria to run your channel marketing campaigns

criteria matching resellers

  • Type of software or cloud service (80+ different categories to choose)
  • Geographic locations (countries, regions or worldwide)
  • Type of partner program (commission, white label etc)
  • Partner type (reseller, VAR, integrator etc)
  • 11 more  partnership criteria


Accurate matching

1. Find out how many channel partners exact match with your criteria

partnership opportunities


2. Choose a Plan based on your needs

pricing plan


3. Accurate channel partner matches right into your dashboard to get in touch!



Send personalized emails to your matches

Now it’s time to start establishing partnerships with your channel partners matches

email templates

  • Use your business email address in order to get in touch with your matches                                         (we provide you examples of successful email templates to use with high open and conversation rate in order to increase your partners network quickly)
  • 4 follow-up emails to send to your matches                                                                                                           (we suggest you to send 4 follow-up emails in a period of 1 month to the matches that you receive through Elioplus in order not to leave any partnership opportunity on the table – we provide email templates )
  • Don’t you have the time to do all the follow-ups? Give access to your team members to handle your account or hire an account manager from our team!


Give your colleagues access to your account

team channel management

Elioplus gives you the ability to connect members of your team to your account.

Now your colleagues can handle your reseller matches and negotiations too, even when you are away. Get in touch with your potential channel partners just in time and enjoy the high conversion rate of qualified partnerships that Elioplus offers.

Hire an account manager from our team

Through the account manager service you will get the most out of our platform.

Hire a dedicated account manager with only + $199/mo additionally to your Premium plan

account manager elioplus

With the account manager service, you have a dedicated account manager that will do all the necessary follow ups to your matches that you receive through Elioplus and will reach out to even more in order to achieve GREAT results.

So, we are doing all the hard work of follow ups through emails to all your matches and we provide you only qualified partnership opportunities like channel partner sign ups, demo requests, call requests, more information requests in order to convert them as channel partners of your solutions.

When we have a qualified opportunity for you then we introduce you to the potential partner through email in order to take the opportunity one step forward and add it on your partners network.


Create a unified prospect partner pipeline


Elioplus enables you to manage the negotiations with your potential partners in a pipeline, both those from our platform as well as you can add an opportunity from any other source.

You can add tasks, notes & reminders, move the opportunities around in order to have a clear image and follow up with your partners for better efficiency.


Testimonials from some of our clients & case studies

david    David Friedland, VP Business Development IRI, The CoSort Company

“By feeding us with a steady array of qualified channel candidates at home and abroad, and providing an intuitive interface to manage the engagements, the Elioplus portal has quickly become one of the most valuable tools in our business development arsenal. We also appreciate Elioplus’ responsiveness to our questions and feature requests, and would recommend the portal to anyone seeking to expand the global reach of their offerings.”


manuel    Manuel Marquina, Head of Account Management and Business, EMEA at Evernote

“Amazing service and partnership matches, excellent support and summary of the work. Thanks a lot Elioplus!”



andrew      Andrew Lenti, Managing Director at TOPP Tactical Intelligence

“Fantastic service! The team at Elioplus has offered me a fantastic value add collaboration not only in putting me and my team in touch with key partners that we needed to be successful, but also in their consultation offered in marketing techniques.  Furthermore, the team has proven to be available on-demand when I needed them and never kept me waiting. From the feedback and high conversion rates we have experiences from Elioplus’ consultation, I would recommend this company to any producer of innovative technology that may be new to the market and seeks a partner with go-to-market know how coupled with a robust network of partners.”


Some case studies :



Pricing with free

See the features included on each plan:


Get in touch with us for inquiries in order to help you increase your partners network

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