Elioplus PRM for channel collaboration – How to use it

Elioplus PRM for channel collaboration – How to use it

Invite your channel partners and collaborate

Now, through Elioplus you are able to use a PRM software for your business development efforts in the most competitive price. Also, you can manage up to 25 channel partners having 2GB of library storage for FREE!

Here is a guidance of how to use it:

Go to the Collaborate tab of your dashboard and press “+ Invite Partners” in case you enter in the PRM for the first time. Otherwise go to the Partners tab and invite them from there. There are two different categories of partners that you have. Those that are your matches on Elioplus and those that you already have from your own business development efforts.

Invite partners for PRM

Select with a tick the matches that you have received through Elioplus and press the button Send Invitation. They will receive an invitation email from Elioplus which informs them about your willing to add them on your PRM in order to collaborate.

Invite your Elioplus matches on PRM software

If you want to invite your existing partners too, then click on the link below as the image shows

Invite your existing matches on PRM software

and send them the invitation email.

invitation to your existing partners

You can see the list of your Pending and Confirmed invitations on the Partners tab.

pending and confimed invitations

With those that have accepted your invitations, now you can collaborate individually with each partner on the Chat Dashboard

chat inside PRM

chatting with channel partners - PRM


or by creating groups according to your needs.

create a group inside PRM

You can always see which channel partner of yours has seen your messages and also you can distribute content material to help them be more productive.

Every user has it’s own library with all the content that distributes or receives from the channel partners.

library PRM


You can see all the material that you have exchanged with the partner you want very easily.

library PRM_2

Take a look of how many partners you can manage and how many GB storage is your library according to your plan here: https://elioplus.com/pricing



Every vendor on the onboarding tab can upload material like files and videos in order to give access to their resellers to a pool of material that is needed for sales, marketing and training.


On the other hand, resellers can choose the vendors that are collaborating and would like to see their onboarding material.

onboarding resellers


For more information please get in touch here: info@elioplus.com 

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