Upcoming features vol.2

Upcoming features vol.2

We have been working on some features to add to our platform in the previous weeks and the time to roll them out has come. There are two main additions: introducing our IT community for channel professionals, experts & influencers and the enablement of ratings and reviews on our listings to rank the best performing companies on top of searches.

Although there are many great blogs related to IT channel news and content and many social networks that channel and business development professionals use, there doesn’t exist a single community to bring them all together. And this is what we are trying to achieve. Community users can discover and upvote great content, start a discussion or even submit related articles to gain exposure.

Also, community users can create their profile and add their current position, social profiles and a summary of their bio in order to be found or connect with other professionals with similar interests.  We keep an archive of submitted content on the profile of each user so if you find that someone uploads interesting stuff you can easily discover older submissions by the same user.

When we started to build our platform we had one important thing in our minds: to create an open and transparent marketplace with as many data available for everyone. We have been working towards that direction and a major step is that we rank companies, vendors and resellers, based on their rating. The best performing companies rank on the top of relative searches, so if you want to rank higher invite your partners to rate your company profile. That also gives your prospect partners a strong signal about your partner program quality and your credibility.

To give you more data about a partner program or about the quality of each reseller,  we have enabled reviews on the profile of each company. Resellers and vendors usually have very few data about each other, that is about their performance, and we hope to change that based on reviews from our users. We encourage our users to review any reseller or vendors they have worked with or are still in partnership, and in the near future we’ll give more incentives for reviews that will give valuable data to prospect partners.

If you have any suggestions or feedback you are more than welcomed to submit it to the comments below or using our contact page.

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