How to edit your company’s profile on Elioplus

How to edit your company’s profile on Elioplus

elioplus logoIn case you have visited our blog post and you don’t know the Elioplus platform here are some essential information you need to know: Elioplus is the business development platform that matches software, SaaS and cloud vendors with channel partners (resellers, VARs, distributors, system integrators, service providers, channel consultants). Through Elioplus you can manage your negotiations and communications with your partners in an all in 1 solution. Sign up for free, create a profile of your company and recruit new channel partners now:

Edit your company’s profile very easily and provide the right information to your potential partners

  1. Login to your Elioplus’ account. On the top right corner of your dashboard just choose the “Edit profile” option. Login again here:
  2. Select “Edit account” and make the changes you want. You can change your company’s information, the types of partnership you want to establish and the verticals that you are offering to your channel partners. Dont forget to click the “Save” button.edit-profile_2_elioplus
  3. In case you have added more verticals on your offerings don’t forget to go run the matching process again in order to provide you the most accurate channel partners matches according to your data.edit-profile_3_elioplus

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