Recruit channel partners and increase your indirect channel network

Recruit channel partners and increase your indirect channel network

Increasing your indirect channel network is very important for your business in order to scale and increase revenue. Elioplus is the solution that you were looking for in order to recruit resellers, VARs, distributors, channel consultants, system integrators, service providers and more types of channel partners. Take a quick look at the process of recruiting new channel partners and start your 14-day free trial today offering 25 matches that fit your needs in order to test the efficiency of the platform 1st hand.

1st step: Create a profile of your company for free:

Create for free a profile of your software, SaaS or cloud company here:

create for free a profile of your company

2nd step: Complete your free registration by running the matching process and see how many channel partners fit with your selection:

During your free registration you can select what kind of partners are you looking (resellers, VARs, distributors etc), which types of software, SaaS products or cloud services are you providing, which countries you are targeting, specific criteria that you are offering on your partner program like training, support and more (simple click process). When you complete your registration, you can see on the “Find new Partners” tab the exact number of channel partners that our system can provide you according to your selections.


3rd step: Our system analyzes the data you have provided and brings you the best matches with channel partners

When you are a Premium or trial user, our system analyzes your data and provides you periodically new channel partners matches with all the information needed in order to follow up and start establishing partnerships with them. Your matches are located on the “My Connections” tab of your dashboard. When you get in touch with your matches you can press the “Add to Opportunities” button and use our Opportunities pipeline fuction.

resellers matches screenshot

4th step: Manage your negotiations with your channel partners that come through Elioplus or those that come from external sources

Manage your negotiations with your matches that come though Elioplus and add new Partnership opportunities from your website or other sources. Our Opportunities function works like a CRM’s pipeline. Add tasks, notes and reminders!

manage your negotiations with your channel partners

5th step: Take advantage of our Account manager service that provides qualified leads

Following up to your matches is VERY IMPORTANT: With our account manager service (this service is optional), we are doing all the necessary follow ups to your matches and we are providing you qualified leads for demo, calls, more info etc, saving you time and efforts. This service is provided in an affordable price with a 3 months commitment and our clients are seeing GREAT results.





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