The most valuable undervalued page in websites

The most valuable undervalued page in websites

Very often I browse websites from various companies, mainly software and SaaS, in order to research for new developments that we need to know and implement on our own platform, Elioplus. Granted that every company looks to build a killer page to showcase their product or solution and to convert more visitors into customers.

Based on my experience and in a sample of a few thousand websites, roughly one in three software companies offer a partner program and they are looking for resellers, VARs, distributors etc. Creating a partner program and building a partner network is very important especially for startups that want to develop their business. According to Gartner research, indirect sales in the high tech industry contribute more than 65% of all sales.

So, why the partner page is the most neglected and undervalued page on a great percentage of websites? IT vendors expect from their channel partners  to open new markets and to contribute to their revenues but they put little thought in creating their partner page to attract new partners. They should treat channel partners like they treat their customers and not have the mentality that they are making their partners a lot of money simply by allowing them to resell their product.

I’ve seen several websites that make it hard for channel partners to find the information they want in order to evaluate the partner program. If you don’t make it prominent that you offer a partner program and put you partner page link at the main menu or at least at the footer how can a prospect partner find more about your offering? I’ve seen partner pages with literally no content, just a couple of sentences saying that “the company is looking for resellers,  get in touch if you are interested”. I have even seen a partner page with the “Lorem ipsum….” sample text on it although the company didn’t seem like a few days old but rather an established company. Going back after a few weeks the same text was still there.

Also something common is that many companies create an inbox to reach directly to their channel or business development team but an increasing number of companies have abandoned that email account without taking it down from the partner page. That certainly doesn’t create a good sentiment for your future partners. Finally, I guess that some forms that are in partner pages end up in the sales team because they don’t seem to read any inquiry, they simply respond with a sales quote.

Channel partners put a lot of effort, dedicate their time and resources and they risk their relationship with their customers, which is their main asset, when they resell your product or solution, so you should treat them accordingly. Provide them with as much information as possible in order to evaluate your partner program, don’t forget that they are looking for alternatives as well. Even if your product is better than your competition, if you don’t have a sound partner program in place you risk losing prospect partners.

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