New features and capabilities

New features and capabilities

From the beginning  of our platform we had one thing in mind: to create a global transparent platform in order to connect seamlessly vendors and resellers in the IT industry.

All our efforts have been towards that direction so far and we continue to roll out features that will enhance these abilities for our users. In order to create a more transparent marketplace we’ll be introducing ratings and reviews for each partner program listed on our website. The current or past resellers of any vendor can rate the quality of the partner program based on their experience in order to help future resellers evaluate and compare each partner program they are interested in.

Furthermore, we are enabling our users to review each partner program and write useful comments that will help prospect partners get valuable details for the vendors listed with public profiles. In order to provide our users and visitors the best options we’ll soon list companies in the search results based in their ratings and how well they perform in the review section.

We also want vendors to benefit from all this content and valuation, so we are planning to make the ratings and reviews embeddable . Soon, our vendors can embed their rating or reviews  on their partner page  as an indicator of their performance in order to attract new business partners.

We are planning many more features so if you have any request or feedback just leave a comment below.

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