Invite your team and create your opportunities pipeline

Invite your team and create your opportunities pipeline


We have created some new tools that can help you manage your account better and also your potential partners!

Team invitation

Invite members of your team to have access to your account! Assign a role to them according to the position they have in your company as you can see in the image below. They will receive an invitation email and just by putting a password they will be able to sign up and have access in the company’s account on Elioplus.

team invitation

Why is this important? Because in the following weeks we will add our collaboration feature giving you the opportunity to invite all your partners to your Elioplus account and communicate with them easily .

Also, you will be able to provide them material through this tool, products updates and have your library accessible to your partners. And here comes the team function value. The guy that is responsible for the marketing department of your company will provide marketing material to your partners, the sales guy will provide sales material and your partners will be able to contact directly to the right person.

content library


Opportunities Pipeline

Add the partnership opportunities you receive through Elioplus to your pipeline with a simple click and also add new opportunities by filling a simple form. You can add Tasks and Notes and submit the stage you are every time dealing with your potential partners.

pipeline ELIOPLUS


More features are coming in the following weeks so stay tuned…

The Elioplus Team


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