The fallacy of using the word “first” in your website

The fallacy of using the word “first” in your website

As our company grows so does the need to manage our customers, communicate better with our users etc. So, I have been researching a lot lately for solutions and products in the SaaS sector that will fill these needs, at an average I probably browse and evaluate about 10 products for each need. A thing that appears very often in the websites I browse is the phrase “We are the first solution in the X industry”.

Well, typically you don’t really know if you are the “first” to have built that kind of product and in some cases I have seen companies being there before. With the explosion of the SaaS model there are hundred and sometimes thousand vendors offering a similar solution and without being an online registry it is difficult to say who has been there first. There might have been other solutions that just might have been under the radar or just simply they don’t appear in the first page of Google and you have missed them.

But besides the typical point of view, claiming that you are the “first” to have been in that space doesn’t say much about your product. As a customer, I care if your product is good, has the right features that fit my needs and if it’s affordable and not if you are the first mover in that space. I would gladly pick the second or even the last to have been in that space if their product is what I need.

Personally, I think that saying you are the “first” to be there is just bragging and only serves your own emotions. It may be great for your team’s egos or your parents or even potential investors but for your customers, the people who are paying for your solution and keeps the company running it doesn’t say much. Wasting your most prominent place on your homepage on that instead of giving signals to your customers to instantly differentiate your product from your competitors it seems to me like a great missed opportunity.

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