Communities in IT industry to promote your business blog posts

Communities in IT industry to promote your business blog posts

In order to promote my blog posts I am using some specific communities that are giving me back a lot of traffic from people that I really want to reach!

I am operating in the IT industry but some of them could also be used for other topics of different industries. So, let’s begin: A well-known community for inbound marketers. This community attracts a huge daily number of active Marketers and what I mean by active is that these people are willing to comment and upvote on posts that found interest. You can share your blog post links and you can use tags like Advertising, Analytics, B2B, Blogging, Content, Design, E-commerce, Metrics, PPC, Social, SEO, Web development, Tools and much more. One of the most famous communities for Growth Marketers. This community has also many active members and you can gain a lot of traffic to your blog and website. Some of the tags you can use are for topics like Analytics, SaaS, B2B, API, SEM, Facebook, Linkedin, Social Marketing and much more.

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Elioplus community: A community for business development and channel marketing that attracts Business developers, channel consultants and also API developers.

saas community

SaaS community: A community for SaaS entrepreneurs, where you can find SaaS news and updates.

dzone If you are a developer you should enter this community and share your most valuable links. It attracts also cloud experts and some marketers from what I have seen. What I like most in this community is the DZone guides (Expert analysis of leading industry topics) that are downloadable in a PDF format.

reddit Reddit is a great and one of the most popular communities where members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links using the appropriate subreddits /r/. Example:

hacker news

Hacker news: Great community for tech guys that upload content and the most interesting in terms of upvotes gets featured in front page.

PS I will be really glad to hear from you any other suggestions of communities that you are using in order to promote your blog post links and also find valuable information from other members’ posts.

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