How an independent Disaster Recovery offering can boost your sales

How an independent Disaster Recovery offering can boost your sales

about disaster recovery Many IT businesses look to grow their revenue by increasing their product and service portfolio. It makes sense to maximise on the resource you already have internally, and it is easier to up-sell to an existing customer than to generate a new one. Bolting new services onto your existing portfolio can mean quick entry to market, reduced risk and therefore quick financial gain for the business. This is why every IT provider should look at offering their customers Disaster Recovery as a service. Being a trusted provider means that your customers may already have asked you to provide this, but if they’re asking you then really you’re not servicing them as well as you could be.

Every IT provider should proactively discuss Disaster Recovery with their customers, and look for the best solution to meet their needs. And this is where the internal fight between what’s best for the customer, and what’s best for your business may start to kick in. It is very easy for a backup provider to sell their resource to customers to help recover them following a period of IT downtime and brand it as ‘disaster recovery’ and this may be a low cost, and highly desirable option for your customers. If, however your customer relies on getting their systems back as quickly as possible, handling their DR internally many not be the right option for a customer.

An independent Disaster Recovery provider offers your customer better protection of their IT systems for the following reasons:

  1. In the event of an IT disaster, you, as their IT provider will be working closely with the customer to rebuild their live platform and manage quick fixes for employees that have urgent deadlines to meet. An independent DR provider will be focussed purely on getting your customer recovered and back to service, and won’t have the distractions of the business to deal with. This means faster recovery for your customer and less stress for you.
  2. Your customer should be protected against any hosting providers going TITSUP. With their data being fully under control of just one company, there are huge risks of losing everything. Take the 2e2 example. They held customers at ransom to pay big sums to keep their systems running when they ran out of money. An independent DR provider will have a copy of your customer’s data in an alternate location, significantly reducing the risk of losing everything, or paying over the odds to save your data. If you’re sincere about protecting your customer’s business then you should encourage them to have their data with two separate providers.

Even some of the leading hosting providers only offer their customers independent Disaster Recovery provisions. This is because they find it increases profit over offering an in-house service:

  • Good commissions can be earned by forming partnerships with independent DR providers. Smaller independents are looking for a route to market and are happy to reduce their fees to avoid big sales and marketing costs. They know they will have access to markets that are previously unobtainable and will be willing to reward highly for that.
  • Product developments costs (service, marketing, compliance and financial planning) for reselling a ‘market ready’ solution are a fraction of what it would cost to develop an in-house offering. Ongoing maintenance, service and innovation costs are also reduced – a Disaster Recovery specialist will also throw much more resource at keeping their solution ahead of the market, enhancing competitive edge. Commission earned is therefore largely all profit when you’re a reseller.
  • Customers feel like you are giving them the best possible advice and therefore become more reliant on you. As your bond tightens then your sales will naturally increase as they ask your advice on every IT purchase.

It makes sense to at least offer an independent Disaster Recovery service, even if you do so alongside an in-house option. This gives customers the flexibility to choose but the benefit of every option to suit their needs.

Plan B Disaster Recovery offers a partner scheme with generous commissions and a unique offering. We are the only DRaaS provider to guarantee recovery times of just minutes thanks to our automated pre-recovery technology. Combined with continuous replication, we can also offer zero data loss. To find out more go to and visit the partner services page.


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By Beth Baxter

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