The market of supply chain management software 2015

The market of supply chain management software 2015

Definition of Supply Chain Management:

Supply-Chain-ManagementSupply chain management (SCM) is the management of the flow of goods and services. It includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Interconnected or interlinked networks, channels and node businesses are involved in the provision of products and services required by end customers in a supply chain. Supply chain management has been defined as the “design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally. source:

The Association for Operations Management (APICS) defines that supply chain management involves the design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of supply chain activities.

According to AMR Research, the supply chain software market reached $9.2 billion in 2012 and was forecast to grow about 7% YoY but new stats from Gartner show that the market of supply chain management (SCM) grew by 10,8% to $9.9 billion in 2014. Also Cloud-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) software sales grew 17% in 2014.  SAP increased its share of the SCM software market to 25.8 per cent with revenues in 2014 of $2.56 billion, followed by Oracle, with 14.6 per cent and revenues of $1.45 billion and JDA Software, with 4.4 per cent market share and $437.6 million revenues.

The top 5 supply chain management Vendors (close to 50%):

1.SAP – $2.56 billion (25.8 per cent)

2. Oracle – $1.45 billion (14.6 per cent)

3. JDA Software – $437.6 million (4.4 per cent)

4.Manhattan Associates– $187.6 million (1.9 per cent)

5. Epicor – $163.5 million (1.6 per cent)


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