Collavate: A Platform for Collaboration

Collavate: A Platform for Collaboration

In this post we are presenting Collavate, after participating in one of our surveys, giving us valuable feedback to evolve our product! We are really excited to have users that show such an interest in our services and in what comes next!


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Collaboration is key to success; however, ther are not that many tools to provide such level of Collaboration to do so. Collavate provides just right environment for people to work simultaneously while providing features for enterprise level workflow management, contents management, and secured document management.


Collavate is designed to provide more value to people utilizing Google Drive, and Google Apps for Work by providing main features mentioned above. Simply put, Collaborative working is made simple with Collavate and there are three benefits as below.

1. Streamlined Workflow

Document Approval System on top of Google Drive

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Collavate enables structured workflow on top of Google Apps for Work. People are able to submit their documents for either Parallel Approval or Serial Approval. This enables more structured and organized workflow process when compared to using Emails to carry out daily work.


Shared Document Templates for a Team

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Google Apps for Work provides great tools that encompasses many vital features that businesses need, but it still lacks certain features that some people may want. People who are used to using templates can utilize Google’s cloud document suite by using Collavate’s template feature. You can create personal or shared templates to expedite the document creation and ultimately, document processing.


Automatic Notification

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Collavate also sends automatic reminder about documents being submitted and approved/declined. You can access the documents directly from the notification mail. Mobile Collavate is supported natively, and no Mobile App Installation is necessary.

2. Enterprise Content Management


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Google Drive is an excellent place to store your documents and collaborate with your colleagues. However, when the documents begin to multiply in number, it becomes harder and harder to organize and retrieve your documents.

Collavate solves this problem elegantly by providing the universal tool for orgazning: The tags. In Collavate you can create Personal Tags to organize your files or Shared Tags that are created by Administrator for the domain.


Document Centralization

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Collavate makes your work day more efficient by providing another useful content management feature. When you submit your document for approval, the document is numbered and the ownership of document is transferred to the Document Manager. With this, administrators don’t have to worry about losing important documents.


Quick PDF Print Out with History

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By creating a Workflow History, you can combine a coverletter that summarzies the information about the document and the actual documents and attachments themselves. This makes document management and retrieval much easier, eliminating possible waste of time in searching for important documents in the future.


3. Security & Reliability

No concern for Security Issue

Collavate does not have a physical server, and we do not save any of clients’ data. Collavate only collects metadata associated with the approval process, and all the actual data are retrieved from users’ Google Apps for Work server. You don’t need to worry about the vulnerability on our side.

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Collavate also runs on Google App Engine, which also means that we follow the Google App Engine’s SLA with 99.95% uptime. This translates to 0.5 hour of downtime for every 1000 hours of operation.
Fast & Responsibe Support

Collavate has operators who can respond your inquiries or issues 24/7. We are here to drive your Collaboration, and we don’t want to be limited from time and location.

If all these sound very convincing, you can start Collavate for free with your Gmail account at Collavate also provides 14 days of trial for those of you who are using Google Apps for Work (including Google Apps for Education, Government, and Nonprofits).


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Sungdo Moon

Customer Care Specialist

Collavate, Inc.

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