Visualizing Made Easy with Creately

Visualizing Made Easy with Creately

In this post we are presenting Creately, after participating in one of our surveys, giving us valuable feedback to evolve our product! We are really excited to have users that show such an interest in our services and in what comes next!


Visualizing Made Easy with Creately 

Majority of businesses today make use of diagram to visualize processes, ideas and concepts. Although they are essential it can be time consuming to come up with professional diagrams, even if you have access to diagramming tools like Visio or Omnigraffle.

Creately was designed and implemented to overcome this hurdle and make the diagramming experience smooth and enjoyable. It has plenty of productivity features and built in intelligence to help you achieve your goal in a short time span.

The 1-Click Create and Connect

Whether you’re creating a simple flowchart or a complex diagram with hundreds of objects this feature will save your time. With most diagramming tools you need at least 3 steps to create a new object and connect it to an existing object. First to drag the new object to the drawing interface, then to create a connector and finally to connect those two objects using the connector.

With Creately all you need is one single click. Our contextual toolbar is intelligent enough to show you only the most relevant objects as well, minimizing your chance of making a mistake. Below image shows how it works when drawing a flowchart.



Imagine the time this will save when drawing complex diagrams and you’ll realize why diagramming is simply easier with Creately.

Support for Many Diagram Types

Most companies use different tools for different diagram types. One tool for mind mapping, another for Gantt charts, something else for UML and so on. Creately supports all these diagram types so you only need one tool.

And these are not some common generic libraries that are just about manageable to draw these diagrams. All these diagram types have separate libraries finely tuned to draw these diagram types.

For example mind map topics automatically align to the left when a topic is to the right of the idea. Gantt chart objects automatically add dates when you expand a Gantt chart bar. Similarly there are hundreds of special tweaks specific to each library.

Powerful Collaboration Tools

In a business environment more than one party is involved in creating a diagram. SWOT diagrams, cause and defect diagrams, business process models etc usually involve many parties, including third parties. And with our real-time collaboration features everyone can work on the diagram together and see each other’s changes in real-time. All these changes are saved as revisions so you always have a track of who made the changes and also the option to revert those changes.

This is extremely helpful when working with clients and freelancers. For example when doing something like web designing, where ideas are often open to interpretation this ability will prove invaluable.

Even if you’re not working on it in real-time you have the option of leaving a comment for the whole diagram or for a specific object in the diagram. This way anyone who’s modifying or reviewing the diagram doesn’t have to go through the whole diagram to find the specific object.

Hundreds of Professionally Designed Templates

Drawing from scratch is hard and time consuming. So we have readymade templates for almost all diagram types that covers some of the most common scenarios. You can easily access them via the drawing interface by clicking on the templates button.

All these templates are done by designed and verified by professionals. So you don’t have to worry about color matching, color themes, looking unprofessional etc.

On top of that our diagramming community has thousands more templates created by designers, software engineers, business analysts etc. So if you’re struck for an idea it’s a great place to look for inspiration.

Works With Your Favorite Tools

Creately integrates well with many commonly used platforms. We have plugins for Confluence, JIRA and FogBugz. We’re available in the Google Apps marketplace and the Chrome web store. And many more add-ons are planned for future releases.

Support for Many Languages

So far Creately support 7 languages. English, Chinese simplified, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, German and French. You don’t have to worry about manually changing languages; Creately will do it automatically based on the browser locale.

This is just the beginning and there are few more languages planned for the future. If you don’t see your languages in the list make sure to get in touch by mailing us at or getting in touch with us via social media.

Productivity that is Affordable

You get all these productivity features at a very affordable price. The personal plan comes at $5/month or $49/year. The team plans start at $25 and increase in price depending on the number of users.

Want to give it a try before purchasing the tool? Our free public plan allows you to create up to five diagrams and does not restrict the features in anyway. This is not a time limited access, you’re free to keep this account and draw diagram forever if you feel like it.



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