11 of the best posts on Elioplus’ business development community this summer

11 of the best posts on Elioplus’ business development community this summer

Our IT  channel and business development community is growing rapidly and this summer some of the posts had appeared in the first pages of Google in specific long-tail keywords! Also, every post is promoted on our Twitter account, so start posting!

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Here are the 11 more popular and discussed posts of our community!

7 mistakes a service marketplace startup should avoid

Service marketplace start-ups are set to emerge as the next big thing in the world of digital business. If you have a great entrepreneurial spirit and if you are gearing up to launch an online services marketplace website, then just go ahead. However, you should avoid some of the common mistakes that many entrepreneurs commit and should ensure that you choose the right online service marketplace software like taskrabbit clone to create your website. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1104/7-mistakes-a-service-marketplace-startup-should-avoid


5 Excellent Open Source Tools for Web Developers

Get here really useful open source tools that will ease out every web developers efforts. These 5 tools are free to use is an added advantage for us. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1040/5-excellent-open-source-tools-for-web-developers


What’s an Agile Retrospective and Why Would You Do It? 

Agile retrospectives can be used by teams to inspect and adapt the way of working. But sometimes teams struggle to figure out what an agile retrospective is? And they wonder why they should do them? Here’s an introduction to agile retrospectives, to help you to get started with them. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1048/what-s-an-agile-retrospective-and-why-would-you-do-it-


4 challenges an entrepreneur have to face while developing a booking website

Booking websites have become an demanding entity in the digital world. It plays a vital role in multipurpose booking and any kind of niche such as service professionals, travelers, party & events, cars, and vacations. When entrepreneurs are looking to launch a booking website, they face a number of challenges. If you are looking to launch an effective booking website for your niche business, then booking software will be the best choice to enhance your business growth in the global market. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1112/4-challenges-an-entrepreneur-have-to-face-while-developing-a-booking-website


Power of Incentives

The sales commission world is highly driven by incentives. Sales reps get paid a corresponding flat amount or percentage on gross profit if they close a deal or acquire a new client for the business. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1063/power-of-incentives


Cloud Computing Is a War, So Invest in the Arms Dealers

As an investor, how do you take advantage of the massive and inevitable disruption that cloud computing is causing across the world of business? Simple: You invest in the “arms dealers” in the space, the companies providing the underlying infrastructure and technology. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1065/cloud-computing-is-a-war-so-invest-in-the-arms-dealers



ChannelEyes: Mobile apps for Channel Partners

ChannelEyes offers a Channel Communication & Enablement Platform connecting Vendors and their Channel Partners called ChannelCandy. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1107/channeleyes-mobile-apps-for-channel-partners


Company You Should Know: Elioplus

Elioplus is a business development solution in IT industry that helps you find new channel partners and communicate with them. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1108/company-you-should-know-elioplus


Software by category:Market share and predictions

In this post you can find information about how big is the market for eleven software product categories, their annual growth and predictions about their future market share. Ream more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1111/software-by-category-market-share-and-predictions


Difference between iPhone and Android app development

It is a common knowledge that iOS and Android operating systems have been ruling the smartphone market and are continuing to do so. Popularity aside, their app stores are flooded with numerous applications every day. One doubt that many newbies or budding developers face is the difference between iPhone app development and Android application development. This article will dispel that doubt. Read more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1054/difference-between-iphone-and-android-app-development



Channel Managers and LinkedIn – Help Your Teams Unlock the Power

Channel managers can have a great impact on their partners’ sales success by providing some key tools to use on LinkedIn. Your channel sales teams’ LinkedIn profiles are most likely the first touch a buyer experiences. Buyers do their upfront investigative work using digital content long before they pick up a phone. Ream more…

Link: http://elioplus.com/community/posts/1103/channel-managers-and-linkedin-help-your-teams-unlock-the-power


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