8 interesting facts about SaaS industry

8 interesting facts about SaaS industry

We all know how difficult is to find reliable resources on the web that will help you have a clear view and knowledge of your industry’s market.

Working in a market for years, having valuable feeback from experts of your industry and of course searching again and again on the web, can help you understand how big your market is and what strategies you must follow in order to gain a good market share.

Here are some facts about the IT Channel and SaaS  industry:

1) IT Vendors are spending annually for about $70 Billions  in order to recruit and manage their channel partners.

2) 1 out of 4 resellers are changing their vendor every year.

3) 70%-75% of the vendor’s revenues are coming from their resellers.

4) According to the Forrester Research (Sizing the Cloud report) the SaaS Market is growing rapidly and in 2016 is going to reach $92.8Billion.

forrester research for SaaS

5) According to Forrester Research, SaaS & Cloud in 2020 is going to reach $241 Billion.

Some other facts:

6) SaaS is growing close to 5 times faster than enterprise software.

7) Take a look at the annual growth of SaaS and Cloud Software

Worldwide SaaS and Cloud annual growth

8) On the following pictures you can see the potential of each software category in IT industry. Collaboration applications, business inteligence, HR management, ePurchasing, CRM and ERP are some of the most promising software solutions for increasing their market share in the industry.

forrester research by product in IT industry


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