Launching in public Beta mode

Launching in public Beta mode

After and Alpha version and 4 months of hard work, we launch our public Beta version. Receiving valuable feedback from our users and talking to many entrepreneurs in person in various events have helped us greatly to shape our product.

Our vision is to connect the 5 million companies and individuals that operate within the IT industry. We want to make the process of partnering, from discovery to engagement, seamless. Moreover, we want to help startups with awesome products to find a quick route to revenues and to penetrate international markets.

For our Beta version we have combined the 3 different types of users under one platform. Whether you are a vendor, reseller or developer, you can sign up and create your profile in order to be able to connect with other users and also promote your offering. From the dashboard each user can see their profile views and analytics and also who viewed their profile. We have enabled direct messages to companies that have a public profile and also the ability to save favorite programs.

The above are just the start, we want to build a platform where companies can start from scratch and establish a successful partner network or grow their existing channel. We love feedback, so if you have any suggestions just shoot us an email.

Looking forward to having you on our platform!

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