Self service plan – Increase your channel network with resellers of your choice

Self service plan – Increase your channel network with resellers of your choice


We would like to notify you that we have launched the “Self service” plan that allows you to choose from more than 24,000 channel partners those that you would like to add on your partner network!

What does this mean?

Elioplus gives you the ability to search all the public profiles of channel partners of our up-to-date database and select 70 of them each month in order to unlock all their data.

How can you select your ideal channel partners?

  1. First you need to subscribe on our self service plan from the pop up window that will appear when you login into your account on Elioplus.self service plan pop up.
  2. Use our advanced search filters in order to find your ideal channel partners. We are providing this service in a low cost pricing because the system through this service doesn’t bring you automatically matches with channel partners but you can browse all the profiles and select those that fit your resellers - self service function 2.
  3. Press the “Add company to my matches” resellers - self service function 3
  4. Unlock all their data like Company name, website, email of the appropriate person to get in touch (responsible for the vendor management that decides if they will become channel partners of yours or not), company size, estimated annual revenue, what solutions they would like to resell, when the company was founded, linkedin page of the channel partner company, linkedin profile of the appropriate person, address, phone numbers and much more resellers - self service function 4

software resellers - self service function 5

Take full advantage of visiting unlimited channel partners profiles, of the low cost pricing that the self service is provided and of the 20% conversion rate in terms of qualified partnership opportunities that Elioplus provides to its clients.

Why do we provide such a big conversion rate?

  1. All channel partners that create for free a profile of their company on Elioplus have expressed their intent to resell new solutions. They also submit what type of software they would like to resell and what criteria they would like to see offered in the partner program of their potential Vendors.
  2. We are providing the information (like business email address) of the appropriate person to get in touch.


Are you interested in learning more or subscribe on our self service plan? Get in touch with us here:


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