Lead distribution | Partner management software

Lead distribution | Partner management software

How “Lead distribution” works on a PRM system.

Through lead distribution every Vendor is able to send leads to their channel partners by submitting a form. Vendor is selecting the channel partners that want to forward the deal which they receive inside their Elioplus’ dashboard. This feature is very important to build a strong relationship with your channel partners, increase sales both parts and satisfy your clients.

Enter your Dashboard – Go to the “Lead Distribution”. tab

Lead distribution - Partner management

Add New Deal

Here you submit the information of the potential client that you would like to forward to one of your resellers. In our example the vendor distributes the deal (Company name of client: Retargets) to CRM4GO reseller company.
In case you have a lot of channel partners into your PRM account then we provide you the opportunity to sort by country and select the one that you would like to forward the lead.

Lead distribution and partner management

Then you see a summary of your submission.

Lead distribution and PRMPress the button Back to Deals and you will see all the deals that you have created and distribute. Always the last one created is located on the top. So, the reseller CRM4GO on our example has received the deal as you can see below.

Lead distribution on PRM

Then the reseller can view the deal. When they win or lost the deal, they select win or lost and save it. On our example we will select the win option.

Lead distribution on Partner management software

Let’s go back on the Vendor’s dashboard
When the reseller selects win or lost then the lead is transferred to the Closed Leads. There you can see which leads are won and lost, which channel partner is the most effective at closing the deal, the amount of lost and won deals etc.

Lead distribution feature on a PRM software


Lead distribution and more PRM features here: https://elioplus.com/prm-software


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